Installation (Pre-release)

Cyclone is not officially released yet. However, you can download our pre-release version below.

IMPORTANT: Due to the current workload, we tend to release a newer version every three month.

Current pre-release version: 1.08.873 (0708), 05-March-2024, see changes here

Next planned pre-release: June, 2024

Install Cyclone (pre-release) is pretty straightforward:

0. Make sure you have java (64 bit is recommended) installed on your machine.

1. Download Cyclone - 1.08.873 (0708)

2. Save to your computer.

3. Unzip it to a folder called Cyclone.

All tutorial examples are in the examples folder.

The detailed instructions for running cyclone on different platforms can be found here


Online Editor

An online editor that supports coding your Cyclone spec is here.

VSCode Extension

A VSCode extension for Cyclone can be downloaded here.

Sublime Support

A sublime package that supports syntax highlighting can be downloaded here.




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