Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department,
Eolas Building, Maynooth University.

Room 135

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My research aims to create automated software and tools for solving challenging problems in software engineering domain. Currently, I like developing new languages and tools for verifying/testing graph/state-based models. In general, I have strong interests in formal methods, programming languages design, program synthesis, relational database and software testing. Many our work is based on using SAT/SMT solvers , those super well-engineered solvers that make it easier to create fully automated tools for program verification, model reasoning and more .


September,2023 Welcome new PhD student Zhang Huan to join the group.
June,2023 Welcome new research intern Bastien Turco (Telecom Nancy) to join the group.
April,2023 Our tool QMaxUSE has been accepted by Science of Computer Programming (Software Track).
March,2023 Our paper about how to use Cyclone to verify Event-B hybrid models has been accepted by ABZ 2023
Feb,2023 Prof. Dominique Mery visited me from 21st-Feb to 24th-Feb.
Feb,2023 Ankit's paper is accepted at Doctoral Symposium - ICST 2023

Current PhD Students

I am always looking for highly motivated students (PhD) with strong programming and mathematics skills. If you are interested in my research areas, please get in touch with me.

Research Interns

Past Students


I am a member of Principles of Programming (POP) research group within the department and Enterprise Architecture Cluster lead at Innovation Value Institute (IVI). I am also affiliated with Hamilton Institute.



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